“Help is on the way!”

We’re going to help you decide which plan is right for you. For most users, shared hosting is perfectly fine. You share a server with other users but that will not slow down your site in any way. Shared hosting plans are listed under Pro, Pro Plus, Expert, and Starter. You should choose your plan based on the number of domains you want to host and the number of email accounts you think you will need. OK, so there are other differences as you’ll see, but these are the most common ones.

If you find that you need more resources, you can upgrade at any time to the next shared hosting plan or select a VPS package. There is no penalty if you wish to upgrade or downgrade.  So you see, you cannot make a mistake. Click here and be swept away to see what fits your needs or continue to the Virtual Private Server section below.


“With VPS, you’ll have more than enough juice.”

So, what is VPS or a Virtual Private Server? This option gives you exclusivity and a ton of space. And if you are doing podcasts or videos, it is the only way to go.  VPS  is cloud hosting and you are the only user here. No one is going to show up with their toothbrush and washcloth in hand waiting to use your bathroom. You are not sharing it with others unless you decide to add others. If you decide to purchase this plan, we suggest opting for vBox 4 or vBox 5 (unless you are computer savvy) since both of these options are fully managed. Not only are you not sharing (perfect for only children!) but you will have more than enough “juice” to power your projects. Just click here or see below. Either way, when the page opens, scroll to the “white” box below the “gray” box. Use the slider in the white box and slide “right” (did we say we are conservative?)  to the fourth or fifth position.


Web hosting is a bit like getting fit for clothes. You think you can fit into a smaller size when you really need a “husky”. For most people, shared hosting will get you going and serve your needs. If you have any questions, let us know. There are no dumb questions and we are here to help. If you need more assistance, fill out the HELP form or call us at 1-888-949-8499, ext 0 for the next available staff member. Otherwise, click here and you’re on your way.



OpenVZ VPS Plan

Need your own “Tower of Power”? Check out our OpenVZ VPS Plans. More than enough disk space and RAM. We suggest opting for vBox 4 or vBox 5 (unless you are computer savvy) since both of these options are fully managed. You’ll get a level of power with a dedicated server at a far lower price. It’s a fully free web hosting atmosphere. You can be fully free from the other user account holders located on the same physical server and you will not have any kind of excessive load concerns or DDoS attacks.