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You believe in free speech but does your hosting company? Most Hosting Companies Are Anti-Republican And Anti-Conservative.

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A-1 Customer Service.

A-1 Customer Service.

If you have ever had to wait around for hours for a help desk team member to respond, you know how irritating that is. At Smartway Hosting, we do things in a different way. We offer a 24x7 support service with a sixty–minute technical support ticket response time guarantee. Our average client support ticket response time is under 20 minutes. Read more...

Privacy Set In Stone

Privacy Set In Stone

ID Protection
Shield the publicly published information connected with your domain name
When you register a new domain, the WHOIS information pertaining to it, by rule, becomes immediately exposed to the general public. In the Domain Manager built into your Control Panel, you can find a WHOIS protection functionality that will help you conceal your personal details by replacing them with our own contact details.

The WHOIS protection feature is available with most of the Top–Level Domains offered on our website: .com, .info, .biz, .net, .org, .co,, .me, .tv, .pro, .cc and

Work with real people.

Work with real people.

We’ve conscientiously picked each individual member of our 24x7 support team to make certain that we can offer you the best possible client support service that you can get. Each one of our customer service technicians has lots of years of experience working with hosting accounts behind his back, therefore they know what they are doing. Besides, they are available 24–7–365 – you’ll be able to contact them whenever you want and they’ll reply to you as quickly as possible.Their average support ticket response time is under 20 minutes, while with other hosting distributors you have to wait around for days. And we offer you a 1–hour response time guarantee. No matter what happens, your queries will be answered in less than an hour.

Risk free guarantee.

Risk free guarantee.

Just like with any other service, when it is your hard–earned money at stake, you can’t feel truly safe. Because of this, with each of our cloud hosting packages we offer a 30–day money–back guarantee. In the event that you do not feel satisfied with our web hosting service or if you want to use a bit more powerful hosting solution, like a VPS plans or even a dedicated web hosting plans – we will give you your money back in full, without hidden costs or repayment charges.

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We are looking to switch our hosting for our shop to another provider. We're not big. We made our website almost 2 decades ago with Microsoft Front page.. and now I am redesigning myself with WP. I'd prefer a company that is not (Go.....) or anything close to it!

Hi. I am an actor in Los Angeles who is conservative and I’ve been a Christian for about 50 years. I also talk about Jesus Christ quite a lot. I’m looking for web hosting that won’t get me silenced or edited or booted off or “canceled“.

I want to create my own conservative slash Republican website. I want to know if you guys could help me out with this. I don't know if you guys are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so I'm willing to talk after 11 p.m. Midnight.

I found you guys on the internet because a lot of these, you know, (Go.....) and a lot of these services are not conservative. I have a construction business. Even though I'm not going to have any controversial things on my website, I want to spend my money with conservatives.

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